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10 Key Things To Invest In When Redecorating

Have your kids just moved out? Is the décor of your home bland and outworn? Do you want to move out and set up the house for sale? Have you just moved into a new apartment? Regardless of the reason, you want a cozy pleasant home or you want those who will move into your house to feel at home and that is the most important motive to invest in redecorating/refurbishing.

After identifying the reason for redecoration, you will have to set the budget and determine in what to invest. Most of us usually focus on good windows, heating, roof insulation, quality decorating supplies. However, there are few important things we usually don’t think of and they are more than worth investing into.

1. Flooring

The right flooring choice and the right fitter will make your house look beautiful from the onset. Experienced fitter will not only make sure your floor is in the context of the room’s colour scheme, furniture, or lighting, but that it has excellent wearability, it is seamless, kids and pet proof, eco-friendly. In the quest for a flooring that will stand the test of time, the great fitter will help you choose the durable material which reflects the timeless style. Your flooring will keep up with the latest looks that will still have an everlasting vibe in a few years. Researching the engineering and comparing are must. Prices and qualities vary, but the stern eye of experienced fitter misses nothing.

2. Electric Rewiring

Old circuits need to be updated not only for safety reasons but also because visible fixtures reflect the style of your home. Selecting good quality unique pieces will add the perfect finishing touch. However, it is important that the tone is carried through the house. Introducing energy saving accessories will further improve your environment.

3. Mattress

If you are really serious about living a greener, healthier, less chemical-laden lifestyle, it is time to start thinking about an eco-friendly mattress. Choosing the eco-friendly mattress will change the way you sleep. With green furniture, you are paying for higher quality, natural materials instead of synthetic ones, as well as sustainable manufacturing practices. It is an investment that offers major long-term benefits mot just for your health, but also for the planet’s.

4. Seating

Whether it is a complete overhaul or a quick refresh, it is important to take care of room functionality, making sure seating is both purposeful and stylish with timeless pieces. Even if you already have the most comfortable seating and additional cozy nooks, it is a good idea to regularly reupholster and update existing pieces.

5. Storage

Builts-in provide lots of storage. Their benefits are endless. More space, no more clutter, extra lighting. They are easy to update and add value to your property. Adding furniture to serve as extra storage is also the most aesthetically-pleasing alternative. When it comes to chests and cabinets, choosing sleek and good quality pieces of furniture is important since they will serve a purpose of storage and also a wow-factor in a room. Bookshelves, dressers, and ottomans are just a few typical options. There is a vast choice of accessories to make your own storage (handles for example).

6. Kitchen Worktop

A countertop is a significant part of your kitchen. Choosing a material for your worktop is an important decision because it will impact the aesthetics and practical function of this part of your house. This is why stone can help you when you are making this decision. One has to make sure it is heat/stain resistant and therefore avoid compromising for budget price. It definitely adds value to a property.

7. Window Dressing

Have you ever entered a decorated room only to find it cold and uninviting? One of the main reasons is often because the windows are naked. However, window dressing is also important because it is your privacy keeper and you want to control the light coming in. Shutter blinds are a great solution, they are easy to maintain and suit almost any style. However, they are often not cheap and you also have to pay special attention to functionality of the room and room window position.

8. Garden Furniture

With British summers delivering more and more sunshine (finally!!!), garden furniture has become essential. If you have considered purchasing new garden furniture, then you should always think about the various benefits that you can enjoy from a variety of different materials taking into consideration what purpose it will serve and your budget. You might be interested in hosting barbeques, parties, or just relaxing. There is no benefit to purchasing outdoor furniture that is pretty to look at but cannot be used. It is important to consider how the furniture is going to be used before purchasing it.

9. Home Scents

Smell, being the most powerful link to emotions and feelings, is often overlooked in interior design. However, a scented room has the power to create special ambiance and mood and it means that selecting a scent that best matches your space is just as important as hand picking furniture or art pieces. Scents also have therapeutic benefits. There are many different ways of pleasantly fragrancing an interior: scented candles, incense, essential oils, diffusers.

10. Greenery

“Green, green, how I want you, green.”

Greenery reflects the trend of bringing outdoors indoors. It brings the touch of cheerfulness, gives fresh look to your home and instant uplift. The benefits of having plants around the house are well-known. They help to reduce stress by absorbing noise and improving air quality and therefore, they promote a healthy home. Investing in good plants and compost is crucial if one wants to have not only a beautiful green home but healthier environment as well.

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