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Feature your Feature Wall

With so many interior design resources available widely, we all know what “feature wall” is, so much so that some of us have the whole Pinterest ( board about it. But it is important to know how to “feature wall” correctly. We have some very useful examples for you, so that you can decide what exactly you would like to achieve. Perhaps you just found this amazing wallpaper you love and would like to have it somewhere in a particular room; or maybe you would like to add some colour in your home..

Enlarging the room:

· If your room is on a small side, perhaps you would like to consider stretching it a little – visually of course. This can be easily done by adding a thin picture rail on all walls running horizontally around 80-90cm high off the floor and painting (or wallpapering) the top part in a darker shade (choosing darker wallpaper). This is a great way to add some funky wallpaper without making it over the top.

· If you have a low ceiling, it is advisable to paint all walls in the same dark shade and keep the ceiling white, this will visually stretch your room vertically.

· Having one wall and a ceiling painted in darker shade will prolong your room in the direction of the wall that you have chosen to paint darker. This trick is perfect if you have different zones / functions of this room (kitchen/diner/family room etc.).

· Paint it all white – and your space will instantly look bigger – works well with big or regular size rooms – square or rectangular rooms. Box rooms, very small rooms or irregular shape rooms are better with a bit of colour, as white might make them look shapeless.

If your goal is to decrease the size of your room visually, you might want to look into these options:

· Paint one of the walls in a darker shade or wallpaper in a darker tone wallpaper – this will shorten your room visually. If you prefer using a lighter colours wallpaper, make sure the background of the pattern you choose is same or very similar to the colour of other walls in the room. This will make the combination look more luxurious and thought of.

· If you are sick of high ceilings in your room, and your room feels like a city hall, to make it more homely and cosy you can paint (or even wallpaper!) your ceiling in a darker shade. This will bring your ceiling down visually. I would advise to either have spotlights or a statement chandelier with this combination.

· If your goal is to decrease the space dramatically – paint everything in darker colour – your walls, your ceilings, your skirting boards and even doors.. Be brave!

· To make a space a little more enclosed, paint two opposite walls in darker shade.

Wall decoration for a feature wall:


If your wallpaper pattern is large and bright and multicoloured, you can get away with not adding anything on to it, moreover, don’t add any bright art or complicated wall art or picture gallery to it, let it shine, you must’ve took a while to choose the right colour and pattern and love it, so why cover it? It will also look very crammed if you add many wall décor to it, instead decorate other, blander walls in the room.

If your wallpaper has a smaller pattern and less colours – adding a neat picture gallery of 4-6 same size pictures, places geometrically symmetrically will add some sort of sense of order and help the wallpaper to look cohesive with the rest of your room décor. Also a great idea to add one big print – similar colour scheme of a room but with wide edging and a simpler frame.


Go wild with wall art, wall sculptures, a picture gallery or even a fabric hangings! Make sure it’s within your colour scheme of the room. You don’t want to overcrowd it with too many items, so make sure you have a good balance and all other walls have similar amount of “attention”.

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