Feeling the Squeeze?

If lockdown’s had you yearning for more room for your files, computer and work paraphernalia,

Inna Hart of IH Interiors has some ideas for creating a cosy, private office space…

2020 will certainly go down in history. Whilst everything has appeared to come to a standstill, behind closed doors people are trying to find ways to adapt to this “new normal”. A lot of us are working from home, but often without the luxury of a dedicated workspace. Dining tables, sofas, kitchen counters, garden sheds, bedrooms, you name it, have all become home offices. No wonder so many of us are thinking about having an actual space that’s fit for purpose.

What’s more, many companies have realised that working from home is good for business, good for the environment and good for their employees’ work-life balance. So from now on, anyone looking for property may well have an additional requirement – space for a home office. But where to start?

Moving Home

If you’re in the position to move and have been flipping Rightmove pages over the past few weeks,  perhaps you should look for properties with:

  • An extra bedroom (even if it’s a box room)

  • An extension or the potential to extend

  • A converted garage or one that could be converted

  • Quirky nooks (in between floors or as part of an irregular floorplan)

  • An outbuilding already equipped as an office, one that could be converted or space to erect one

Your Home

Not all of us are ready to move for the sake of having a home office. To create a usable and comfortable space to work, you will need at least two square meters of a floor space. So here are few places to consider:

  • Box room