How to Choose a right Outdoor Furniture and Decorate your Garden

If you’re lucky enough to live in a property with a garden, you have probably spent considerable amount of time out there over the last few weeks.. Many of us heading over to B&Q, The Range, B&M and other shops that have reopened (or have never closed) to buy something for the garden, usually it’s something “to sit on” or “to look at”.. Some are shifting endless pages of garden furniture online and trying to visualise it in their garden.

Doesn’t matter where you get your garden décor and furniture from, we have collated some useful guidance of garden furniture, something that you might have not thought about.

Firstly, you should ask yourself a question: what will be a function of some certain item you really like to purchase? Is it to sit on and read a book, to sunbathe, to drink G&T or maybe snooze? Whatever it is – it needs to be super comfortable and good quality. Same goes for the spot of your garden where you will be placing this furniture.

This is the time when you think how long you would like it to last and how much time of the year you will be using it, so that you can think of a right balance between how it looks like and value you’d be getting out of it. Don’t just jump on something because there is 20% off offer, investigate your potential purchase.

· Seating – for maximum comfort the seat should be deep. There are however many very trendy sofa/armchair sets on sale where seats aren’t that deep, so if the function of the furniture is just occasional sit down on the sun for few minutes and for it to look trendy on your freshly power-washed patio – this is ok; or maybe your garden is relatively small. But make sure to always try it on before you buy it. If you’re seeking something to spend hours on – look for larger sets with deeper seats.

TIP: If you cannot check how comfortable the seating will be (for example you’re buying online), to achieve maximum comfort the depth of the sofa/armchair should be at least 75cm.