Interior Trends 2021 – Trendbook is looking far ahead as usual!

( The Trendbook is one of the most respectful sources for professionals in design. Their publications are sold worldwide and all their trend predictions are usually reflected in what the retail shops stock (or will be stocking). So here is our take on the trends we can start implementing now!

1. With Pantone released the Colour of the Year being Classic Blue, this colour is continuing being the favourite in interiors. It only gets a little darker, jumping into a Navy shade. It look like Naval colours will be a trend for 2021, it will be a “new black” if you like and will be most popular when creating contemporary interiors. This colour best look is in plush velvet or glossy subphase.

2. Light Woods – this will be a trend material for interiors, lovely fresh schemes, with a hint of Scandinavian style. Don’t concentrate only on covering your floors, look into implementing this material on walls, furniture detailing, kitchens and even ceilings. It will also be highlight for multipurpose spaces.

3. Sustainable Designs, Materials and Products. With a growing environmental concern (even after we’ve given a nature a little break during the worldwide lockdown), interior brands are looking into more sustainable material and pieces. 2021 will determine a new age in developing more sustainable household and design pieces – bioplastics, reused materials, low impact pieces and items made from recycled materials will see the rise in development and demand. With designers worldwide creating beautiful pieces that are being considered sustainable.