Man-up with Mantiques!

Inna Hart from IH Interiors takes inspiration from Father's day to suggest some on-trend design ideas... The influencers of the interiors worldare telling us that full on rummage-the-loft-old-fashioned is back! With Father's Day this month, maybe it's time to bring some more masculine tones in our homes with carefully chosen vintage decor and collectibles with man appeal. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Ever noticed how men like items with millions of compartments - in a wallet, a jacket with many pockets or an old apothecary cabinet? Old pieces with many drawers are very highly sought-after in the interiors world! Well-known brands manufacture them, but nothing beats a genuinely old, slightly worn antique cabinet. Head over to Ebay to find one, if it's your sort of thing. It could be a great piece to fill that space you've never been able to find the right thing for.Other places online where you can find a beutiful masculine "treasure chest" are;; Be creative with styling it, so make sure to add a lot of home decor and greenery.

Think Winston Churchill, think cigar room, think exclusive golf club.. Seek out a pair of club armchairs - or better still a vintage pair! A perfect place for them would be a corner of your dinning room, a bay window or even a study (if you have a large one). If you can't accommodate two, one with a small, vintage-looking side table next to it would also look great. Again, sourcing club chairs online is easy. Sometimes they come in a slightly worn leather look, but that's exactly what we want to create that early 20th century vibe. Imgine sipping a G&T in the evening whilst having a deep philosophical conversation with your loved one (if you get a pair that is).

I bet every man of a certain age secretly dreams of owning an old-fashioned drinks cabinet or a drinks trolley! If they already own one, maybe they dream of a bigger one, with integrated wine cooler and beer fridge.. In all seriousness, no matter how big the dream is, it is a very useful piece to have at home (as long as it's fully stocked at all times in case of unexpected lockdown)! There are so many on the market that you can find to match any interior. I prefer something retro, definitely wood and with a masculine look. Try searching for a perfect piece online, and if you're stuck, you can contact us for advise!