Rooms to View

If you like peeking at properties and getting insights into interiors, we have some ideas for lockdown views!

Netflix has added more than 16 million sign-ups during the lockdown; TV on demand and catch up programmes are also on the rise. But instead of diving into yet another gripping TV drama, why not seek out the ideas to improve your home? We've selected our Top 10 programmes across all platforms (perfect for binging). Not only will they inspire you to redecorate, they are also great escapism (which we're all craving at the moment).

No. 1

The Great Interior Design Challenge - BBC iPlayer

“The Search for Britain’s best amateur interior designers. Working in a variety of architectural styles, the contestants have three days to impress both the judges and the homeowners.”

This BBC production programme is both entertaining and educational. The expert judges often include a lot of tips and give great examples when correcting amateur designers during the competition. Some pretty famous faces (in the design world) are appearing in this programme. You might need a notebook!

No. 2

Stay Here - Netflix

“Homeowners renting out rooms, or their entire homes, to short-term renters is becoming an increasingly common alternative to holiday makers staying at hotels. But the properties need to offer unique features or amenities for the owners to maximize their income. On "Stay Here," designer Genevieve Gorder and property expert Peter Lorimer show hosts how they can turn their rentals into moneymaking showstoppers.”

Combining absolutely stunning design solutions with smart business ideas, in this programme, the design and marketing come together to rescue falling short lets. With platforms like AirBnB and HomeAway booming, some of us can relate to running a side business. For some it is a full-time business. Either way, each episode of Stay Here focuses on guest experience, design and location. Transport your mind to all the beautiful and cool places the programme is set.