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Selecting a Perfect Art for your Home

Looking at a beautiful painting, or staring up at an awe-inspiring sculpture, we are often left struggling for words. These personal and emotional experiences are hard to express in language. Art is more than decoration. It gives a space uniqueness and makes you feel happy in your home. From showing your identity to enlivening your guests, art is a necessary element of interiors.

Some of the most popular art styles are modern, traditional, and mixed-media style.

Abstract style doesn’t attempt to represent accurate visual reality. Instead, it uses shapes, colours, and forms to achieve its effect.

Traditional art follows a specific set of rules: the figures represented must be depicted as they are seen in nature, and the subject is defined by its context. 

Mixed-media art refers to art pieces that combine a variety of media and materials into a single artwork. For example, collages are made of different materials such as cloth, paper, wood, and found objects.

Trendy wall-art and sculptures have been popular lately for a good reason. They bring culture and sophistication to your decor.

Framing is another important thing one should take into consideration when decorating a living space. Photo and picture frames do a lot more than just occupy space on a wall or a table. Your aim is to create an ambiance that delights or appeals to people visiting your home. Picture frames contribute a lot to achieve this objective. There are many different types of frames: gallery frame, modern frame, floating frame, deep-set frame, canvas print, tabletop frame, photo holder. Shadow frames are the latest hit.  Shadow box frames are a great way to display three-dimensional items on your walls. These frames give you the power to display items that you are passionate about while creating lots of character.

These difficult times have thought us how important it is to support local artists and help them have more sales and commissions. Many shops and galleries are still closed but word of mouth and recommendation will help our local artists survive during the lockdown.

Below is the list of artist based in Bristol and Bath that we highly recommend:

Emma Catherine Creations (Instagram @emmactherine.creations)

Emy Lou Holmes (@emylouholmes)

Hannah Bunn


Florence Lee and Co (@florenceleeandco)

Sky Siouki (@skusiouki) 

Alder Doodle (@alderdoodle)

Hannah Weekes (@hannahweekesart)

Susie Ramsay Art (@susieramsayart)

The right artwork can completely transform any space. Art has the ability to make rooms look bigger and brighter, reflect people’s personalities and style, and make homes look “complete”. Choosing the perfect artwork for your home can be one of the trickiest styling decisions to make. There are so many options to choose from and so many things to keep in mind - the size of a room, the existing furniture, the colour palette. If it feels like an overwhelming decision to make, don’t be afraid to ask the experts. Art consultation with an interior designer will help you select the right art as a wealth asset and as an interior element. The expert will guide you through different styles and suggest briefs for commissioned art which can be very personal and unique.

Until next time!

Inna Hart

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