What is Home Staging or Property Staging?

We have all heard the metaphor “the smell of freshly baked bread sells home”. Even though, it might be a little cliché, there is the truth behind this saying. The smell of freshly baked bread brings to mind images of cosy homes. Before sellers could start thinking about adding smells to their homes for sale and creating the ideal sensory ambience, it is important that their property is properly cleaned and beautifully furnished. Many developers spend a lot of money to furnish show homes. They want them to look their absolute best for the potential buyers who walk through the door. That is where homestaging comes in.

Homestaging is a method of home decorating meant to highlight the property’s most impressive assets and help buyers find their home. Homestaging is one of the best ways to make potential buyers visualize the property as their next home by creating emotional connection points throughout the home. People do not just buy houses; they buy a story of what their life would be like in a new home. According to the latest UK Home Staging report, homestaging increases the number of viewings for 94%. 75% of home buyers spend more time viewing a home that is staged, as opposed to a non-staged home and a staged home sells up to 3 times faster than a non-staged home.

With so much to gain, it is best to let the professionals do light decoration of the home for sale, as they know all of the tricks and they also research the market and aim at your buyer. For example, if the property is in "up-and-coming" area, you might consider decorating it in boho-rustic style with industrial hint to aim for younger first-time-buyer. If your house is in an arts district with a lot of galleries and art studios around, you might consider furnishing it in the style which is pleasing to the senses, aesthetic contemplation and aesthetic experience and which will attract artists.

Many sellers cannot be objective when they are putting their home on the market. It is understandable, because many personal memories have been made it that home. Therefore, it might be hard for them to market their home effectively. The professionals will ensure that the property is packed in a way that is appealing to potential buyers and the property will have a much better chance of selling quickly and for the best price.

A good estate agent can also provide the advice as of what in the area sells better and what home improvements the sellers might consider before putting their home for sale. Good estate agents should be able to impress sellers with their local knowledge and expertise in selling houses. Furthermore, there are companies specialising in furniture packs for rent and to buy for faster homestaging solutions, along with decor and accessories. Statistics have shown that properties that are staged with well-chosen furniture sell faster and for better prices than those that are vacant.